We see many people these days struggle with taking care of themselves emotionally, or even physically. Toxic alternatives to reality like
drinking excessively and taking drugs have become the best forms of distraction today.
All over the world today, even in my office Scooper, it’s common especially among women to put others first, but not taking care of your
body will get in the way of you having the life you want. If you are not healthy, you cannot achieve the goals you set for yourself.
So how should you really take care of yourself to ensure that you live a high-quality life?
Here are a few ideas you should consider.
1. Accept yourself
Accepting who you are is the most crucial step to being happy with yourself. The world today is about being like those we see on social
media and changing who we are in order to be liked. People’s individualities are being washed away every day and this has, in turn,
created a very toxic society. The reality is that nothing can replace the love and acceptance you should have for yourself. Being confident
with who you are, is at the core of self-care.
2. Put yourself first
Sometimes being selfish is actually a good thing. We do our best to be there for the people we love and care for but if you’re not okay, it
becomes a struggle. It’s okay to take some time off and cancel plans to meet up with your friends for a while. You might even want to
spend the day treating yourself. Don’t feel guilty for putting yourself first at times because your needs are a priority.
3. Eat healthily and exercise
Embracing a healthy lifestyle is beneficial for many reasons. It keeps your immune system strong and helps to protect your body against
common illnesses like colds. Another great benefit is that you’re able to prevent more serious illnesses like high blood pressure, cancer
and other possibly terminal conditions. Eating healthy and being active is also great for your emotional wellbeing. You’ll be able to get in
shape and be more confident- which means you will look good and feel good at the same time.
4. Be mindful of what you watch and listen to
Not everything we watch and listen to is good for us. Yes, there is no denying that media helps us to be informed about what’s happening
around us but sometimes, some of that information can be toxic. We all need to filter what we watch because maintaining a healthy mental
and emotional environment is vital every day. Try and avoid watching things that can fill your mind with anxiety, fear and other negative
5. Be patient with yourself
We all have goals we’re eager to achieve. We set career goals, body goals, hair goals and other milestones we’d like to get to. Often, with
these goals, come self-criticism, disappointments and anxiety. We beat ourselves up for not reaching those goals as fast as we expect
ourselves to and end up giving up altogether. Remember that the best things in life take time and a lot of patience. Embrace the joys and
challenges every step comes with and this way you will be able to bounce back stronger when you hit the wall.
6. Have positive friends around you
It’s a bit cliché to say that we need good friends around us but this will always remain true. The people you choose to keep around you can
either build you up or break you apart. If you’re constantly spending time with people who criticize your every move and people who make
you sadder rather than happy, it’s definitely time for a change. This kind of environment will affect you and make you have distorted
Similarly, if you choose friends who celebrate your achievements and encourage you to make positive changes in your life, you’ll be
happier. Therefore, spending more time with people who truly care helps you be the best version of yourself.



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