Long gone are the days when 18 was the formal age to start learning about life. When we were kids, our parents tried to shield some hard truths from us because they feared getting exposed too early would make us wayward. I do not need to tell you how far that has gotten us today.

This is why it’s important for us not to make the same mistakes with our kids, especially as the world has changed drastically from what it used to be when we were kids. There are a lot of things happening these days that cannot be left till later to discuss with our children in their formative years. Their brains are more advanced and many of them are able to process information fast, which also informs their decision making.

I read a Facebook post from my mentor, John Obidi where he stressed this point further. According to him, we will be doing children a lot of harm if we restrict them to just academic work, leaving them emotionally unprepared for the new evils of the coming generation.

How then do we mentally prepare the children, teenagers especially, about this new world and how to navigate it? It’s simply by discussing the hard topics with them.

In this short article, I have listed 20 of the critical topics to discuss with your children early in their formative years. You can take these topics with them at a slow but steady pace.

1. Discuss the concept of love with them. What does it mean to say I LOVE YOU?

2. Explore the meaning of romantic relationships, how to get into one, the right time for it.

3. Let them know how romantic relationships can be handled on social media. What should they be telling or not telling their friends?

4. Teach them how to handle a breakup when everybody knows about their relationship.

5. Make them understand why people create s3xtapes and everything that could go wrong when they do it.

6. Let them know how to handle a loss of reputation in case they are caught in a s3xual scandal or any kind of scandal.

7. Teach them how to choose good friends.

8. Explore qualities they need to imbibe if they would love to be chosen by good friends.

9. Stress the importance of money and how to make money.

10. Teach them how to mentally process public embarrassment.

11. Take them through on how to handle social media accusations, emotionally and legally.

12. Enroll them for classes on basic to advanced self-defense and martial arts.

13. Teach them about the fundamentals of mental health.

14. Make them practice how to hold engaging conversations.

15. Help them learn how to express their ideas ON STAGE, with Confidence, Clarity and Certainty

16. Tutor them about Work/Life balance.

17. Explain how they can choose life paths that guarantee their long term happiness.

18. Teach them how to choose health options that enhance the quality of their life.

19. Make them learn how to achieve location independence and travel to any country in the world.

20. Tell them the importance of involving God in their decisions.

It is very dangerous to shy away from the hard topics. Discussing this with your children will not only give them mental fortitude, you’d be giving them a gift that can save their lives.

I hope this gets approved…