In the last edition, we discussed the six Online Businesses you can engage in that can change your life for good, and blogging is one of them.

Today, I will be giving you 3 major keys to a successful blogging.

Now, I’m sure this isn’t the first time you’ve heard of blogging. Maybe you’ve even started a blog already before.

The problem with blogging is that most people don’t have a clue on how to do it properly. They set it up, write some stuff, and nobody visits. Then they call it quits.

So I wanted to give a little bit of a “low down” on the keys to making six figures blogging:

1. You need to pick a lucrative niche

When you’re choosing a blog topic, choose something that people spend money in. Dating, Health, and Wealth are the big 3. People will spend money in these areas when the economy is in the crapper or when the economy is exploding. It’s ever green, and this is where I recommend you go as well.

You’ll want to choose a subset of a market. So if you wanted to build a blog in the relationship niche, then you could perhaps choose dating for seniors, dating for socially awkward men, dating for single moms, etc.

2. You need to create content that is better than what others are putting out

You will want to create blog posts that is better than your competition. You don’t need to create the best stuff all the time, but you want to be near the top. I’ve never heard of a company making it big by being average, and it isn’t any different online.

3. You need to market the hell out of your blog

Spend about half your time producing content and the other half letting other people know about it. This is how you will attract visitors to your website and gain new customers.

A few ways to make money with your blog

a) Display ads on your website


You’ll get a few cents to a few dollars per click. A certain percentage of people that visit your website will find an ad relevant and click. So the more people you get to your website, the more clicks you’ll get, and the more money you’ll make. It’s as simple as that.

b) Sell digital products

One of the most lucrative things you can sell is a digital product. You can sell your own digital products that you’ve created or sell other people’s. Digital products are great because you can charge a lot of money for them. It’s not uncommon to see an ebook for $50+. Delivery of an ebook is quick and simple (don’t have to hold inventory) and once the product is made, it’s made!

c) Refer people to other businesses

Business need “leads” to make money. You can funnel people that visit your website to another website that pays you to send people to them.

One of the most popular ways this is done online is places like Expedia or Trivago. If you had a travel blog, you can tell your reader to visit Expedia to book a hotel. If they do exactly that, you will get paid a “referral fee” from Expedia. I think it might be something like $6-$10 in this example.

Again, the more visits you get, the more people will get referred to Expedia, and the more money you’ll make. That’s how it works.

You can refer people to TONS of different places. A finance blog can refer people to sign up for credit cards, auto insurance quotes, or to check their credit history. Again, if you choose an industry that has a lot of money flowing around (health, wealth, relationships), there will be plenty of ways to make money from your blog visitors.

The one requirement of a successful blogger…

If you want to turn blogging into a serious online business, then you need to be an expert on something.

Either that, or you need to LEARN and become an expert on something valuable.

You don’t necessarily need to be the smartest and most intelligent person on your subject matter, though that helps, but you certainly need to know what you’re talking about.

Because you’ll be creating content about your subject matter and you need people to trust you and take your recommendations. And the best way to get people to trust you is to really know your stuff.

So find what you’re passionate about, or have a lot of knowledge on, or an area where you’re willing to learn a lot about, and turn that knowledge into useful blog posts that people get A LOT of value from.

For example, I know a lot about blogging and making money online. So I am creating this (hopefully) valuable blog post to show you how to make money with an online business. I could also recommend products on this page that are relevant to helping you get what you want out of your business, and make a commission if you decide to buy. That’s how it works. That’s how you make money with your blog. Rinse and repeat.

With this 3 unbeatable factors, you are on your way to a successful blogging without stress.

In the next edition, we will be talking about other types of business you can do online that can give you a good living without stress.

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