If you are over 40 or near 50, stop doing these things or you will suddenly die

As aging is inevitable, one has to be careful as he or she grows because the human body does not function as they age and it requires extra care.

When you are younger, there are types of things your body can tolerate or implement because their immune system is strong. When you are older, these things add more stress to your body and can lead to health failure in the long run because your immune system is weak. If left unchecked, these events may result in death.

The body as it ages and needs help, requires you to feed it with foods that strengthen the immune system and help improve function. The last thing your body needs as soon as it is 40 years, is to spend it incorrectly.

Eating well will ensure that you live a healthy life without pain. It takes a long life, is essential for a good life. To have these kind of life, one must avoid the following list of foods.

1. Red meat

As an elder for over 40 years, please avoid red meat. Food should be low in your diet but if you must eat meat, eat white meat from poultry. Chicken breast milk is a good choice for you.

It’s worse when you eat your favorite fried foods, now you double the risk in consumption. In all efforts to replace meat and fish.

2. Deli Meat

What are these foods? They control meat and include sausages, hot dogs, canned meat, grilled meat and more. Please stay away from these disease-causing diseases.

3. Fries

As you get older you should stay away from all fried foods. Most soybean oil is high in cholesterol and increases the risk of heart disease, high blood pressure and hypertension.

French baked foods, snacks, fried foods and more should be avoided.


4. Fruit Smoothies

Most people think that since these are made from fruits then they are safe. This is not true. The wrong way to take fruit is to put them in smoothies because it drives the sugar juice directly to the drain of your blood.

Take the fruits of your revelations. You need roughages as you need juice. Try to combine them well or taste better.


5. Soft drinks and Sodas

Soft drinks and soda are a great source of sugar. This is bad for your body as you get older.

Best to gamble in drinks as you age the water. If you must drink some things then it should be tea or juice.


7. Beer And Strong Wine

Alcohol did not become your friend as you grew up. Beekeepers are the worst of them all, please avoid them completely.

Take the time to share this with anyone you know who is over 40. Health is an asset and it is important to look after our body for old age.