Mercy Johnson is one of the most outstanding Nollywood actresses and many people are very fond of her style of acting.

Truth be told, she never disappoints in her movies and we are pretty sure that is one of the reasons why her fans and other movie lovers like her.

Well, one thing has been observed about her the roles she takes of late. She has acted in quite a number of roles ranging from a house girl, a jilted lover, a maltreated stepdaughter, a cheated housewife, a village bully, and others.

One thing fans have observed is that she is no longer playing romantic roles as she use to play during the on-set of her career.

Fans have asked questions about this and she has duly answered. In her response, she disclosed that she stopped taking romantic roles because of her husband.

She indicated that her husband was not comfortable with her acting romantic movies adding that when she saw they were on the verge of getting married she stopped taking these roles.