I thought the incident that took place six years ago was a forgotten one until it resurfaced in the form of my future husband elder brother.

When I was in my 200 level in school, an unforgettable incident took place.

It was during the school’s holiday and my room mates where away. I decided to stay back in the hostel because of the distance and cost of going back home.

On one fateful evening, a gang of cult guys sneaked into my room and threatened to kill me because I turned down their leader’s advances.

I was so scared to my teeth at the sight of the cultists dangling their weapons at me.

The leader of the gang stepped forward and told his boys to pin me down.

I tried to fight them off but they were too much for me. One of them put a knife to my throat and threatened to slit it open.

The leader of the gang raped me and when he was done, he ordered me to keep my mouth shut and if I tried to alert the school’s authority that he will ensure I was killed.

Immediately they left I shut my door and cried bitterly. The warning was resounding in my head.

Out of fear, I called a roommate who was away and she advised me to tread carefully that those guys were dangerous and will make good their threat.

Out of fear for my life, I left the school and returned home. My parents consoled me, took me to the hospital for treatment.

After a year of living with the trauma and nightmare, I applied and gained admission into another school.

It was during my third year in the new school that I met Austin at the school’s cafeteria.

Austin was an engineering student and in 300 level. He offered to pay for my lunch, introduced himself and asked to see me some other time.

We went on a few other dates and he requested me to be his girlfriend. After carefully thinking it through, I agreed.

Two months to our final exams in school and project defence, Austin proposed to me. It was a dream come true because Austin was an ambitious, hardworking, loving and caring guy I have ever met. So I accepted his proposal.

After graduation, Austin came to our house to officially meet my parents and inform them of his intention to marry their daughter.

My parents were delighted and welcomed him as their son.

The following weekend, Austin took me to their family house to meet his parents.

I was so excited and scared at the same time. Thought of “what if the parents don’t approve of our relationship because of tribal differences” was running through my mind.

We arrived at their home, the parents welcomed me and were delighted to see me.

About 20 minutes later, someone came into the living room and I heard Austin referring to him as “Big brother”.

Austin led the person to where I was seated and started the introduction.

Immediately I stood up to exchange pleasantries, I recognised the face.

How could I ever forget the face of the man that raped me six years ago?

I screamed at him and said “You!” and hurriedly dashed out of their house.

Austin called severally to inquire of the rationale behind my strange behaviour but I couldn’t bring myself to answer him.

How would I explain to him that the man that raped me six years ago was his elder brother?

How would my parents react when they find out that the very person that put their daughter in a year’s trauma was in the same family they were going to marry their daughter to?

The nightmare I thought I had overcome has come back to haunt me.

The wound has been reopened and now I’m reliving the sad ordeal of that fateful day that led to me placing heavy curses on the rapist and his family.

What should I do now? I need your advice.

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