Mohammed Jamil Bello, a young man accused of plotting to overthrow the president, Muhammad Buhari has falsely claimed that he did not attack President Buhari, he was attempt to shake President Buhari for his honesty and justice.

The young man, Mohammed Jamil said the attack on President Buhari by me is a false, saying his intention was to shake President Buhari, Because i have see that even if i tried to greet President Buhari, it will be harder for me to do that, that’s why I attempt to shake him by force and i was detained by Security forces.

The Media yesterday released a video of Mohammed Jamil Bello attempting to attack President Buhari which was false by the Presidency.

The Presidency Said, the Man attempt to shake President Buhari not to Attack him, Media is posting rumours news about the man.

President Buhari paid a visit to Kebbi State yesterday, where he attended the Argungu Cultural Festival and Argungu Agricultural Festival in Argungu.