Coronavirus infections worldwide exploded to over 1,100,000 on Saturday despite lockdowns in many countries.

Data from shows that global cases have reached 1,118,304 as at Nigerian time.

The global death toll is also moving northwards logging 59,221 fatalities.

United States remains the worst-hit nation on earth with 277,522 cases and 7, 403 deaths.

Friday was the darkest day for the world’s biggest economy. Over 32,000 infections were recorded in a single day.

New York and Louisiana posted record deaths that shot America’s fatalities to new heights.

In Europe, Italy and Spain are now running neck and neck in grim statistics of infections.

On Friday, Italy posted 119,827 confirmed cases and Spain 119,199.

Both countries also top the world in death toll.

Italy has 14,681 deaths and Spain 11,198.

Germany has the third worst infections in Europe with 91,159 cases. Unlike Italy and Spain, it has managed to keep fatalities low at 1,275.

France is next with 82,165 infections and a death toll of 6,507, twice China’s 3,326 out of 81,639 cases.

Iran has 53,183 cases, with 3294 fatalities.

The U.K. has 38,168 confirmed cases and has overtaken China in fatalities with 3,605 deaths.