Nigerian veteran hip hop star Eedris Abdulkareem has reignited his age-long feud with reggae dancehall king, Timaya.

The music star slammed Timaya on his Instagram page on Tuesday, May 4, sharing screenshots of some fans who also called out Timaya for disrespecting his helper.

“An ingrate is an ingrate ignore him. 😁😁😁,” he captioned the posts.


This is coming almost 4 years after the two had a messy fight on social media.

The duo’s face-off started in 2017 when Abdulkareem, in an interview, described the ‘Gra Gra’ crooner as an “ingrate”, claiming he won’t have been successful if not for his support.

But the ‘Dem Mama’ singer in retaliation for the comments fired back at the rapper, accusing him of using his services without paying him in return.

He described him a ‘dirty Igbo smoker.’

The ‘Plantain Seller’ music star slammed Eedris for not recognizing him when he was his backup, artiste.

He talked about how he used his own money to pay for his transportation to perform with him back in the days.

He also alleged that the ‘Jaja Jaga’ singer “regarded him like a nobody,” adding that the musician should work on himself and stop blaming people.

“I tried so hard to resist responding to an empty barrel..But I am sick and tired of all these misconceptions… Sometimes you just need to tell people the hard truth. F**k you Eedris Abdulkarim,” he had said.

“I was your backup artist and you did not appreciate me. You regarded me like a nobody, I paid my transport to your shows because I was learning. You have never paid me one day. You disregard people, how many people don blow through you”.

“Where are all the people that were with you before? You come on social media, where the f**k are you? Don’t blame people, Go and work. Dirty looking Igbo smoker.”