You will most likely say yes but Don’t be in a hurry to answer. Take a moment to really think about it and ask your partner the same question.


One very common mistake we make before getting married is not knowing where we actually stand in our partner’s life. We think that since we’re in love, they come first in our lives and we come first in theirs.


This kind of assumption would get you into trouble. We’ve heard about couples who got married and began to complain about their partner’s lack of attention towards them.


“He’s always busy with office work” “She doesn’t care about me and the kids.” These are common statements many married people make. A lot of men say things like “my work comes before my wife” or “my job is my first wife.”

This is why you can’t leave room for assumptions, you have to be certain of your place in your partner’s life. Take time to observe their actions.


Be honest too. If your work comes before your partner, let them know. Tell her before you marry her (and I use her because men are usually the culprits). Let her understand that if there’s an emergency at the office and there’s an emergency at home, you would attend to the office first before you attend to her. State everything out clearly, and if she’s OK with it, that’s great, good luck to both of you, if she’s not, then you both have a decision to make.

It’s very important that you sit down and talk with your partner before marriage. Determine what’s important to both of you as a couple, determine your place in each other’s lives, know where you stand, and please do not lie or try to sweet-talk your partner.


Be honest, it would help you avoid strain and unwanted surprises in your relationship. It is totally unfair to tell your partner they mean the world to you only to get married and put your job before them. It’s wrong, you’re only facilitating the ruin of your marriage. Don’t Do That!

Funmi is a Writer, Thinker and Marketing buff. Like Mark Manson, he hopes to give life advice that doesn’t suck.


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