Mommies that complain they don’t enjoy their man on bed, prepare this simple recipe and drink for a better performance before your man will go for other option outside. It helps improve libido for both man and woman.

What you need:

-Dates 1cup

-Tiger nuts 1cup

-Coconut 1/2

-Ginger (optional)

How to prepare:

Step 1. Wash the tiger nuts to rid them of dirt and sand. Put it in a bowl, add water and soak overnight. Drain the water after soaking.

Step 2. Break the coconuts, separate the meat (the white part) from the shell. Break the coconut meat further into smaller pieces for easy blending. Set aside.

Step 3. Soak the dates in hot water to soften. After your dates are softened, take out the seeds from the dates. Skip the soaking if your dates are already soft but don’t forget to remove the seeds from the dates.

Step 4. Add the soaked tiger nuts, coconut and softened seedless dates to a blender.

Step 5. Add enough water and blend until “smooth”. It’s not really possible to have a completely smooth blend but blend until the tiger nuts, coconuts and dates have been completely pulverized.

Step 6. Use any clean handkerchief or a large fine sieve, squeeze and sieve the blend until you get all the milk out.

Put inside fridge, and be taking it 3 days b4 you and your partner will meet.

Be ready for twins.

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