Cleaning service is one of the low-cost business ideas that are becoming more lucrative due to the increase in the freedom that people want to experience without having to do chores, clean offices and more.

This, however, makes the professional cleaning services industry continue to experience unprecedented growth, year after year.

Because of the perceived lucrative nature of this business, I will guide you on how to start a cleaning service business.

To achieve this, we will be writing on reasons why you should opt for the cleaning service business, the things you should do and how to do them and the perceived issues with starting this business.

start a cleaning service business

Reasons Why You Should Opt For Cleaning Service Business

  • Less expensive:

Starting a cleaning business can be an inexpensive way of becoming a business owner giving that you have things all planned out and your goals set.

When you are starting small it is necessary you do the cleaning yourself and subsequently get employees to work for you and also focus on domestic cleaning for a start, all you require is a vacuum cleaner, brooms, mop, brush, detergent all of which don’t cost much.

  • Less space requirement:

Starting a cleaning business, you care less about owning an office. Your clients don’t need to visit your office; rather they will call you directly for your services or contact you through email.

This means your office can be managed in a very compact space, as all you will require is a small reception and a place to keep your cleaning equipment.

  • A good part-time option:

As a student or employee, venturing into a cleaning service as a part-time business is attainable. Cleaning service can be done in the presence of the client or on weekends which gives you the opportunity to go about your daily business and run your business when duty calls.

Before delving into the cleaning service business, there should be a scope; this will help every entrepreneur have a clear and long term business plan.

Some long term opportunities in cleaning services include; commercial cleaning services, house cleaning services, and specialized cleaning services. For your business to flourish, there are vital steps that must be taken to ensure your startup grows.

Steps On How To Start A Cleaning Service Business

  • Market survey:

Before starting any business, it is wise an entrepreneur surveys the area he/she intends to set up a business and the same applies to cleaning service business.

In every business, you must have a target audience and this can be attainable when a market survey is carried out before setting up a business.

This survey will help you know your competitors, service cost and also help you come up with a strategic plan to run your business in essence, it is a necessity.

  • Focus on your major niche:

As stated earlier, there are various long term services to look out for in a cleaning business; we have commercial services, house cleaning services, and specialized services. These will help you determine your business type and focus on a particular niche.

  • Raise adequate funds:

The funds for various services vary depending on the type of services you want to offer. Like I stated earlier, you have to determine your business type before considering the adequate funds required to start a cleaning service business though the materials needed for the business are less capital intensive.

start a cleaning service business

  • Promote your cleaning business:

How well you sell yourself, will determine how productive and successful your business will get. In essence, promoting your business will draw the attention of clients you need.

You can promote your business through a media platform: advertising, social media, websites, referral program and more. This will help people know your business and how to find you.

  • Create your brand:

Aside from having your business registered in your area, it is necessary, you have a business logo, great professional working outfit, follow up your clients to get feedbacks or testimonies of satisfied clients and you may as well put it up on your page or website.

  • Hire experienced workers:

This can aid the stress of getting complaints from clients. Organizing training sessions for your workers is mandatory.


The cleaning business has its challenges which include; competition, having to deal with non paying clients and the sole responsibility of scouting for clients, managing funds and more. But with the right business plan, you get to handle these challenges without having any effect on the growth of your business.