There was mild protest and uproar at Atebheda Primary School, ward 7, unit 3, Agbede, in Etsako Eest Local Government Area on Saturday, over variation in the voter’s list displayed and the ones in possession of INEC officials.

This is even as some electorate were accused of being in possession of multiple voter’s cards.

Trouble started when some eligible voters’ names were found on the list displayed for identification, but were not on the list with INEC officials.

Argument erupted as the affected voters insisted on exercising their franchise, but others insisted otherwise.

As at the time of filing this report, security operatives were busy appealing to the feuding parties for calm.

Speaking on the incident of alleged multiple voter’s cards, the PDP chairman of ward 7, unit 3, Prince Kabiru Momoh, said that “some people were caught with multiple voter’s cards and attempted to vote, but we resisted them. That was the cause of the uproar.”

Beside these incidents, the election witnessed large turnout of voters who trouped out as early as 7.30 am.