Confirmed report coming in from different sources says veteran Nollywood actor Rich Oganiru has died.


Family sources said Rich Oganiru passed away on Tuesday in Lagos. The actor reportedly died on Tuesday, August 10, 2021, after being ill for months. Only two weeks ago, a video of Rich Oganiru lying in his sickbed and begging for financial assistance was shared online.

Taking you down memory lane, the promising career of Rich Oganiru was cut short after he was arrested in 2012 for allegedly murdering his wife by poisoning her.

According to what the Vanguard reported at that time, Oganiru was arrested following a petition by the family and relations of the wife who claimed that she was poisoned by the actor who had allegedly perfected the act to do away with her in order to acquire her wealth said to be stupendous.

The wife was said to have been hospitalized for three months for an undisclosed ailment in an Abuja hospital with the Nollywood actor abandoning her until the last day she was to be discharged before Oganiru came to the hospital to take her home.

From what we sampled from the report, the actor committed this heinous crime so he could inherit the woman’s wealth. Although Oganiru was relatively not so popular, he starred in a lot of movies which include, Touching Love, Total Control, Givers Never Lack, My Destiny, Wasted Effort, Queen of Hasso Rock, Lacrima, and others.

Mr. Oganiru has maintained his innocence and said on numerous occasions that he never killed his wife.

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