One day, a prof entered the room and declared a surprise test. Hearing this, all students got anxious and commenced considering what would come back up within the test. The prof distributed the question paper, with the front side facing down. when turning in the papers to all the students, he asked them to turn the page and begin the test. To everyone’s surprise, there have been no questions within the test paper. There was simply a black dot within the center of the page. everybody was surprised and checked out the prof in awe. The prof told the students:

“I need you to write a few lines regarding what you see on the paper.”

All the scholars were stupefied however since they didn’t have a alternative, they started writing the solution.

Once everybody was through with the test, the prof collected all the solution sheets, and commenced reading out every answer aloud before of the full class. without an exception, all the scholars had written regarding the black dot, mentioning regarding its position, size etc. when reading out all the answers, the prof addressed the scholars and told them:

“None of you’ll be ranked on this test. I simply needed you to ponder over one thing. All of you wrote regarding the black dot. nobody wrote regarding the white part of the paper. a similar issue happens in our lives too. we tend to all have a white paper to watch and learn from, nevertheless we tend to continually target the dark spots. we’ve got so many reasons to celebrate – our folks, co-workers, friends, good health, a satisfactory job, a child’s smile, the miracles we tend to witness daily, and so on.

However, we tend to merely limit our horizons by focusing on simply the dark spots – our disappointments, our frustrations, our fears and anxieties, things that hassle us, those that wronged us, etc. In our daily lives, we tend to take such a lot of good things with no consideration, and focus our energy on insignificant dot-like failures and disappointments.”

Though these dark spots are quite tiny as compared to the nice things that we’ve got in our lives, nevertheless they perturb our minds and don’t allow us to assume absolutely.

Take your eyes faraway from the black dots of your life. try to focus on the brighter aspect of life and let positivism govern your thoughts.