I don’t know if you remember the world’s “smallest baby” born on October 24, 2006, from Miami, the United States, named Amelia Taylor. For many years, the data of her birth has been kept on record, that is, her weight is only 0.28kg, and her length is 24 cm. An egg shell can hold her, which is smaller than palm. Doctors also describe her as “a little longer than a pen”.

Sonia Taylor, Amelia Taylor’s mother, delivered her at 21 weeks and 6 days’ pregnant. At that time, the doctors tried to postpone her birth, but only to have an emergency caesarean section. Doctors were at a loss, because none of the premature babies within 23 weeks were able to survive.

However, Amelia Taylor has a strong desire to survive. She tries to cry many times after she is born and can breathe on her own. Doctors also do their best to take care of her. After more than four months in the intensive care unit, all the physical indicators have shown that the she finally reached the standard of a normal baby.

The family lived a plain and happy life after leaving hospital. Now, Amelia Taylor is 14 years old. Although her mother refuses to interview and shoot for the purpose of protecting her, she still says she has grown up as healthy as other children.