1) Do you know that 2000 students are in his Scholarship scheme?

2) Do you know that Jaiz bank under his watch gave 64,000 Muslims and 69,000 Christians interest free loans to improve their lots?

3) Do you know that every week, he removes 250 Almajiris from street that are learning skilled work in Sabon Gari Kano?

4) Do you know that about 70 Almajiris are learning spare parts trade under Igbo people in Kano?

5) Do you know that he started business for 20 of them 24 hrs before he was dethroned?

6) Do you know that 20% of Northerners selling used chairs, rugs and other used things at Alaba Rago Lagos that it was SLS that helped improve their buisnesses?

7) Do you know that as he was leaving the palace he made available cheques for widows and orphans he feeds every month?

A lot, must he blow his trumphet everywhere he goes for you to know that he helps people? Some who talk about his cars are just being mischievous, he is a first-rate royalty and no royalty anywhere goes on Okada or Keke, as some of you would wish. Please share this article after reading to help others understand the situation.