Truth about the saying the Federal government of Nigeria approved to give money (#8500) to her citizen.

There is a news spreading around that the Federal government of Nigeria has approved to give a particular amount of money (#8500) to her citizen buy foodstuffs while staying at home during this period of spreading deadly disease COVID-19.

The spreading news which also asked people to fill the information using a link sent has been discovered to be false information.

The Federal Government of Nigeria did not approve #8,500 or any amount for anyone.

Those posting it to you are scammers, they will put a link you will fill and then asked you to put your name, bank details, BVN etc.

Do not click it.

If you do, your details would be sent to their E

Email and thats all.

They probably going to have access to all money in your account.

They could Scam people with your details and you would be the one to suffer it.

They will monitor your account and help you transfer it to their own account or withdraw it.

Be vigilant and very careful.

Share to safe other Nigerians from been scammed.